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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

HSC Result 2021 With Marksheet (Education Board Result)

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The government has decided to amend the law at the beginning of the next session of the parliament and announce the results of the assessment of Higher Secondary (HSC) and equivalent candidates by January 26. The decision was taken at a regular cabinet meeting chaired by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Monday.

After the meeting, Cabinet Secretary Khandaker Anwarul Islam announced the decision at a press conference at the Secretariat. He said that only six days later, the National Assembly is sitting. For this, the cabinet has decided that now it will be arranged to pass the bill directly at the beginning of the session without ordinance. After that, the results of the assessment of HSC candidates will be announced between January 25 and 26.

This time due to coronavirus, HSC and equivalent examinations were not held in the outgoing year. Instead, it is decided to evaluate HSC candidates on the basis of average results of JSC and SSC and equivalent examinations. Certificates are given to students who have passed SSC and HSC on the basis of examination as per the rules of the Board of Secondary and Higher Education. But this time the work has to be done without examination, for which there are legal complications.

The cabinet secretary said the results of the HSC are ready. For this, the Ministry of Education came up with a proposal for an ordinance. But the cabinet has approved it with vetting to raise it in the upcoming parliament.

13 lakh 65 thousand 789 students of 11 education boards of the country were supposed to take part in HSC and equivalent examinations this time. The test was supposed to start from April 1, 2020. But when the outbreak of coronavirus began to increase, all educational institutions in the country were closed from March 16. After a long wait, Education Minister Dipu Moni told a press conference on October 8 last year that the HSC exams are not going to be taken this time like the fifth and eighth finals. He said that the result of this year’s HSC will be determined by averaging the results of eighth class and SSC. The results of JSC-JDC will be declared as 25 per cent and the result of SSC will be declared as 75 per cent.

Later, at the end of December, Education Minister Dipu Moni said that since the exams could not be taken, they are trying to amend the law and issue an ordinance to release the results of HSC at the beginning of the new year.

HSC Result 2021 With Marksheet

The publication of HSC examination results was hampered, the gazette of the bill was published.

Three bills passed in the parliament for publishing HSC and equivalent results without examination have been published in the form of gazette. Earlier, the President said. Abdul Hamid agreed to the bill at three o’clock.

Three bills passed in the parliament for publishing HSC and equivalent results without examination have been published in the form of gazette. Earlier, the President said. Abdul Hamid agreed to the bill at three o’clock.

Earlier on Sunday, the President passed the ‘Intermediate and Secondary Education (Amendment) Bill-2021’, ‘Bangladesh Technical Education Board (Amendment) Bill-2021’ and ‘Bangladesh Madrasa Education Board (Amendment) Bill-2021’. The Parliament Secretariat has given its consent.

Considering the health risks during the Corona infection, the government decided to release the results without taking the 2020 HSC exam. But the existing law needs to be amended as it prevents the publication of results without examination. In the light of the passed law, the results of HSC 2020 as well as SSC and HSC and equivalent examinations can be published at any time in the future without any examination.

HSC Education Board Result 2021

Earlier on December 29, the Minister of Education. Dipu Moni said that an ordinance has to be issued as a legal process to publish the results of HSC without formal examination. The ordinance is likely to be issued in the first week of January.

Due to the relevant corona epidemic, the HSC and equivalent examinations of 2020 were not held.

How To Get HSC Result 2021

Pre-registration has started to get the results of the Higher Secondary (HSC) examination of 2020. Students will be able to collect the fruits at home on the day of publication.

Teletalk called for pre-registration with a notification last Thursday.

The pre-registration of HSC exam results for 2020 has started. You have to register by going to the message option of the mobile. To pre-register, write HSC with space, name of Board of Education with space, roll with space, write 2020 with space and send to 16222.

HSC Name Of Board Roll Year

Send To 16222

For Example,

HSC Dhaka 123456 2020

Now Send To 16222

In the return SMS, you will get the results. If you are unable to get the results, comment us with your board, Roll, registration no, to get the HSC results instantly.


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